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unveiling the Father's heart through the art of listening



Within each of us there is a yearning to discover our passions and dreams. We wonder how to move beyond potential into fruitfulness. Often the greatest obstacle is one’s own fears and lack of understanding of who they are. PATHWAYS is about partnership in that journey of discovery - someone to help you ask the right questions and process with intentionality to move forward and realize your dreams.  

You may have questions like. . . 

What is it that governs my life? 
Is it based on who you are, your true identity, and the dreams you hold for the future? 

Is God interested in my personal dreams?
Is He for you in this discovery and will He give you the power to see your destiny realized?

Ways that I might serve you are … 

• Help you discover the unknown places of your heart, enabling you to hear the questions, in yourself and in your relationship to others, that though unvoiced they strongly affect your words, feelings, and actions.

• Facilitate a healing process enabling you to recognize and be free from obstacles that stand in your way.  

• Set an atmosphere for you to grow in your identity and discover your destiny. 

• Enable you to understand yourself and others in order to grow in healthy life-giving relationships



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