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"If words spoken can be likened to a stream, most of us can hear the sound. Gary Cockroft, however, is able to hear and understand the subterranean aquifers of emotion as a person speaks, translate this to the speaker and suggest paths to take which are truly startling in their clarity."

- Scott MacEwan, CFO

"I have known Gary as a dear friend and co-worker for almost thirty years. He is an extraordinarily gifted counselor and mentor. During part of that time I served as Senior Pastor of Hope Chapel here in Austin. Gary served with me in a number of capacities including leading healing prayer ministries and in counseling. There are literally hundreds of people who are deeply grateful for Gary's insight and love for them as they moved through some challenging seasons of life. Gary's work is gentle and loving, but he speaks Holy Spirit directed truth in ways that constructively confronts hidden and deep-rooted issues. His words and prayer liberates and frees people to move forward in fulfilling God's purposes in their lives."

– Dan Davis, Executive Director, ABBA 

“Gary is a well that releases compassion and hope. In this hour in the Kingdom we need grace and mercy to move forward. Many of us have to work at walking in grace, Gary exemplifies grace. His insight from the Father is a deep and lasting well discovered from years of hearing the Father and walking side by side with people. With a deep well comes peace and understanding for the future. The Lord is raining on the earth a fresh and accelerated abundance of personal desires of the heart. Most of us need folks around us who can see clearly and respond objectively to these desires, without agenda. Gary is one of these individuals. If you are stagnant in your present situation and needing to see a way forward, I highly recommend working with Gary as he works alongside you.”

– Byron Easterling, President, BHH  

“When my wife Amy and I met with Gary, we thought we were bringing him a problem in our ministry that needed to be handled delicately. Instead, he started asking us a few simple questions about how we relate to each other, and in less than two hours had uncovered a relational issue of such depth that it took us more than two years to work through. On the other side of that work, I can honestly say today that either our marriage or, more likely, our ministry would not have survived intact had we not known Gary. Happily, both are now thriving.”

– Thomas Cogdell, Director of AHOP

"Four years ago my husband and I had the enormous privilege to do pre-marital counseling with Gary. He is profoundly gifted in his ability to see and discern things that lay well beyond the surface. His wisdom and insight allowed us to navigate through very turbulent waters without additional pain or shame or trauma. He listens with so much grace and compassion and out of that is able to give life changing guidance. It has been the greatest investment we ever made in our marriage."

 - Morgan and Zach Uebele, U.S. Army Engineer Officer 

"Gary’s advice, coaching and support guided us through the most difficult and greatest transition in our lives thus far. Gary provided invaluable insight through each step of the transition. He has an uncanny ability to ask the right questions which lead to and reveal deeper root issues. This process helped our perspectives to shift from seeing the natural circumstances of the moment into the Father’s heart. By sharing examples and stories from his own life experiences we were able to see through the fog, fears, and uncertainties to successfully navigate the transition.”

-Ralph and Wendy Patora, Home Group Leaders 

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