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About me


I am a life coach whose desire is to see people come to know their identity in Christ. I draw from my experience of over thirty-five years in pastoral ministry, counseling, prayer, leadership development and mentoring. I have a special passion for walking alongside leaders to see them grow in wisdom, character, and influence. 

My wife and I led a marriage ministry helping couples understand and walk in unity and purpose. Also, I have a heart for the hurting and have been involved in developing and co- leading a pastoral counseling center in Austin, Texas.

Currently my family and I are residing in Colorado Springs, Colorado. We moved from northern California where we were a part of the resource ministry of The Mission Church in Vacaville for eight years.

My values in life coaching 

I care deeply about people – so I will pray for and with you, listen closely to you, and ask God’s Spirit to help me understand you through your words. 

I typically have a quick and ready insight into the moods and emotions of individuals. People sense that I really understand what they are feeling, thinking, or experiencing in the moment. I help people find the right phrases to express their feelings - to themselves as well as to others.I help them give voice to their emotional life. Making no judgments, I strive to comprehend their situations. I take the time to discover each person’s unique traits and truly understand them.  

I also see the potential in others. In my view no person is fully formed. On the contrary, each individual is a work in progress, alive with possibilities. 

I am a bridge builder for people, enabling them to connect to others in considerate and caring ways.    

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